Portobello Summer Honey Ale

How Sweet It Is

Before there was beer, there was mead. At least, that’s the theory. While archaeological evidence suggests beer predates drinks such as wine and cider as homo sapiens’ recreational beverage of choice, our ancestors may well have been dipping enthusiastically into spontaneously fermented honey from the wild beehives in primeval forests well before they brewed beer.


When The Chips Are Down

How many chips constitutes a portion? It’s a question that helped to revive the art of conversation between my wife and I when we visited a managed pub operated by one of the UK’s biggest pub groups, on a recent visit to the West End of London.

Conor Shaw Bizimply CEO

Guest Blog: Conor Shaw, CEO of workforce management experts Bizimply

GMs must be front of house to reassure customers and staff post-lockdown The best hospitality operators definitely took a ‘glass half full’ approach when lockdown was imposed and looked for the opportunities in a situation that was beyond their control, rather than railing against it. Enforced closure allowed for the reflection and review that are …

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Eating out at the pub

Time to get back to the pub

There aren’t many silver linings for operators in the cloud that is trying to run a pub or restaurant in a post-COVID world, but here are a few that I think are worth latching onto.