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The Courtyard at The Bull on Bell Street, Henley-on-Thames, Honeycomb Houses

Brakspear reopens The Bull on Bell Street in Henley

Brakspear has reopened The Bull on Bell Street in Henley-on-Thames after an extensive refurbishment, the first major investment within its managed estate since it was rebranded as Honeycomb Houses last autumn.

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Hospitality Staff Working Longer Hours Bizimply Data Shows

Employees Working Longer To Keep Hospitality Afloat

Hospitality employees are working around six hours a week longer than before the pandemic, exclusive new figures from workforce management specialist Bizimply reveal.

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Badger Beers Fropical Ferret

New Listings For Fropical Ferret

Fropical Ferret, the light and hoppy ale from Badger Beers, is expanding its distribution in the grocery sector, with new multiple retailer listings as the brand’s peak summer sales season looms.

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