Chefs need ‘2020 Vision’ on menu planning, says Bidfresh

December 2019

From seaganism to sustainarianism, chefs will have to be ready to embrace an even broader range of customer dietary trends than ever during 2020.

Fresh food supplier Bidfresh is advising hospitality operators to increase the menu choices they offer, as consumers bring an increasingly complex set of values to the table when they eat out.
Bidfresh, which supplies fresh food to more than 15,000 foodservice customers through a combination of regional specialists and national brands, has published a new report, “2020 Vision: Fresh Food Trends in Hospitality and Foodservice”. Using exclusive sales data, the report features insights into the best sellers and rising star products across the four Bidfresh divisions – meat; fish and seafood; fruit and vegetables; and cheese.

While top selling lines such as steaks, salmon and salad are still in demand, sales of newer meat cuts such as the flat iron steak, alternative fish species such as meagre and monkfish, and less familiar veg such as kale and butternut squash are on the rise. Halloumi, the Cypriot cheese widely used by chefs as a meat alternative, has been a star sales performer.

The report also forecasts key menu trends for 2020. Alongside seaganism, a broadly plant-based diet which also includes fish and seafood; and sustainarianism, where the environmental and ethical impact of food production is factored into menu choices, there are a range of other issues chefs will need to be ready for in the year ahead.

Stephen Oswald, chief executive officer of Bidfresh, says: “Eating out is increasingly as much about value as it is about cost; not just value for money, but the values that an operator brings to the menu. These ‘sustainarian’ customers increasingly want to be sure that the food they eat has been produced sustainably and ethically, and they also curate their own food choices very carefully.

“So, while some consumers fully embrace the plant-based trend, others are looking for that ‘seagan’ combination of seafood and plant-based dishes, which is an area where we’re seeing a great deal of menu innovation from customers, and have also been building our own online recipe bank.

“There are others who have cut back on meat, but when they do eat it, expect a premium product with provenance. Bespoke burgers continue to be an important trend, and we’re also expecting many more recipes which feature meat combined with plant ingredients to appear on menus in 2020. From jackfruit to halloumi, there’s a huge amount of innovation from chefs in these areas.

“You can’t ignore economic factors either, and one clear trend is operators looking carefully at different cuts and portion sizes, as well as making the best use of food, which can be anything from crispy fried fish skin served as a bar snack to vegetable and fruit peelings and stalks used to make smoothies. This has the added benefit of reducing food waste.”

On-trend ideas identified the report include

Vegan in vogue: the fastest growing products tap into the increasing need to cater for vegans/flexitarians, with products including vegan bacon jam, and vegan potato slider buns. Sales of vegan ‘cheese’ products are up 52% and set to increase further in 2020 as chefs and caterers create vegan-friendly versions of classic dishes including pizzas, burgers and sandwiches.

• Meat substitutes: products such as tinned jackfruit, mushroom varieties such as puff balls and Chanterelle, aubergine, and halloumi cheese, all of which can be used as meat alternatives, are seeing sales boom. Wheat protein seitan is popular in products which replicate ingredients such as pepperoni and chicken.

• Leaner choices: Flat Iron steak, the lean cut made famous in the US, is a big hit in the casual dining sector, while chefs are also using venison in everything from burgers, pies and steaks to Scotch eggs and street food dishes. Bespoke burgers for specific customer menus, such as a Chuck, Brisket and Bavette Burger, are very much in demand.

• Seafood surprises: chefs are preserving fish and seafood through pickling, fermenting, smoking and ageing to make interesting snacks and sharing boards. Seafood Skewers, high quality kebabs using a range of fish, are enabling chefs to serve a broader range of species.

Bidfresh supplies chefs through national businesses including Direct Seafoods, Countrywide Butchers, Oliver Kay Produce and Rustic Cheese. A free copy of “2020 Vision: Fresh Food Trends in Hospitality and Foodservice” can be downloaded at

‘Support Your Local, Go TEA Total’ this January, says Hogs Back Brewery

Hogs Back Brewery is reprising its successful ‘Support Your Local, Go TEA Total’ campaign in January, with the aim of encouraging more consumers to support their local at the pub trade’s quietest time of year.

‘Go TEA Total’ ran for the first time in January this year, when more than 150 pubs displayed the campaign pumpclip wobblers or posters. For 2020, Hogs Back is building on the campaign with more impactful assets to create standout in participating pubs, a competition to find the TEA Drinkers’ Pub of the Year, a ‘TEA Total Thursday’ initiative, advertising in Hogs Back’s Surrey heartlands and a social media drive.

The campaign will also remind consumers of the many good reasons to visit the pub in January, from roaring fires to pub quizzes, live music or a dog-friendly welcome. In this, Go TEA Total will amplify the messages of the industry’s Long Live the Local initiative, which shows that socialising with friends is the main reason people enjoy visiting their local pub. The ‘TEA Total Thursday’ social media campaign encourages people to ‘tag’ the mates they’re taking to the pub, with the chance to win a tour of the brewery.

Hogs Back managing director Rupert Thompson said: “We came up with ‘Go TEA Total’ last year to give pubs a boost in January. It’s always been a quiet month for the trade and even more so since the growth of Dry January.

“The campaign has a light-hearted feel, but the underlying messages are important. January can be a challenging time for many people, but we strongly believe that getting out for a walk to the pub and enjoying a sociable pint or two of TEA can help to counter social isolation and contribute to our overall wellbeing.

“It’s also vital that we all support the pubs at the heart of our communities: if too many people stay away from their local in January, it may not be there in February.”

Pubs wanting to be part of the campaign in January can sign up with their Hogs Back sales manager, or by emailing to receive a pack of TEA Total assets including pumpclip wobblers, dripmats and posters.

The TEA Drinkers’ Pub of the Year competition is open to all pubs taking part in TEA Total. Customers nominate their favourite pub via the website or the QR code on dripmats, with those with the highest number of nominations included in a shortlist and profiled on the website, before the winning pub is chosen at the end of January. There will also be weekly competitions on social media for customers to nominate pubs that are best for dogs, or best open fire.

Long Live the Local’s research shows that:
• Six in 10 Brits (59%) say the main reason to visit their local is because it’s a great place to socialise with friends;
• Almost half of pubgoers (48%) go to the pub because they enjoy feeling like a local and bumping into people they know;
• 47% feel the pub brings people and the local community together;
• 40% believe the pub acts as a social centre for the community.

Beer Hawk FRESH partners with Swinkels Family Brewers

December 2019

Beer Hawk FRESH has signed a distribution partnership with Swinkels Family Brewers, making a range of iconic European craft beers available to UK bars and retailers in prime chilled condition.

The new partnership builds on Swinkels existing distribution agreements, and adds acclaimed beer ranges including Rodenbach, Palm, Cornet, De Molen and La Trappe to the portfolio of craft drinks supplied by Beer Hawk FRESH, available in bottle, can and keg same-day to London customers, and for next-day delivery across the UK.

At the same time, Swinkels Family Brewers is appointing its first London-based sales representative, who will also work alongside the Beer Hawk FRESH team to maximise the opportunities for the Swinkels brands in the dynamic London craft beer market, across both the on- and off-trade.

Andrew Morgan, Head of Beer Hawk FRESH, said: “We’re very excited to be adding these classic European beers to our portfolio of brands. As our network of partnerships grows, our focus is on ‘collaboration, not competition’, with every beer bringing something unique to the range.

“Offering diversity and choice is essential to any business targeting craft beer aficionados, who switch between modern beer styles and genuine classics according to the occasion. That’s a challenge to the traditional distribution model and for us, working with brewers such as Lion on Fourpure, Carlsberg on London Fields and now Swinkels on Rodenbach, feels very much like the industry coming around to our collaborative way of thinking.”

Rob Page, Managing Director of Swinkels Family Brewers UK, said: “Both in bars and the off-trade, and across keg and packaged beer, the craft market offers us a huge opportunity, but also means we have to update our approach.

“The Palm range, for example, has a well-established following in London and there’s an opportunity to re-engage consumers. Equally, both Rodenbach, one of the world’s most awarded breweries, and La Trappe, an acclaimed Trappist beer, are a great fit alongside the new wave of craft brands, as part of a well-curated beer offering.

“We’re looking forward to working with Beer Hawk FRESH to maximise these new opportunities, and we’ll also have our own ‘feet on the street’, with a beer sales specialist working alongside the Beer Hawk FRESH team.”

Netherlands-based Swinkels Family Brewers is a family business with a 300 year, seven generation brewing heritage and a portfolio of prestigious beer brands and breweries in Europe.
Beer Hawk FRESH is part of ZX Ventures, the global growth and innovation group of AB InBev, and operates a chilled supply chain, supplying brewery-fresh beer from its refrigerated warehouse in Central London.

Retailers can sign up for the service at or contact

World’s Biggest Pub Quiz returns in March 2020

December 2019

Registrations pass 400 mark with three months to go

Pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs are being urged to reserve a date in their diaries between 8-12 March next year for the World’s Biggest Pub Quiz – a fundraising initiative organised by PubAid to raise money for charities, including their official charity partner Action Against Hunger UK.

More than 400 pubs have already signed up via the website and PubAid has set a target of recruiting 2,000 by March. Earlier this year, more than 1,500 pubs took part, raising £230,000, and since the quiz was launched in 2016, it has raised a total of £750,000.

Licensees who register will receive a free quiz pack, including two sets of quiz questions, posters and social media assets to encourage customers to come along and join in. Pubs are free to fundraise for a charity of their choosing, and those unsure are encouraged to raise money for official charity partners, Action Against Hunger, who treat more children facing life-threatening hunger than any other charity.

As well as pubs, this year has also seen local community groups and restaurants getting in on the action, testament to the quiz’s growing appeal and to the links forged with the restaurant sector through Action Against Hunger’s ‘Love Food, Give Food’ campaign.

Co-founder of PubAid, Des O’Flanagan, said: “We’re delighted with this early response from pubs; having more than 400 registrations with three months still to go shows how the quiz is becoming a fixture for many licensees and their customers.

“The quiz is easy for pubs to host and promote, a lot of fun for the customers who take part, and a great way to support a charity. We’re confident of hitting our sign up target by March and look forward to seeing even more money raised for charities, including Action Against Hunger.”

Matt White, Director of Fundraising at Action Against Hunger UK said: “We are thrilled to have been chosen as the charity partner for PubAid’s World’s Biggest Pub Quiz. We have been working with restaurants for twenty years and their support has meant that countless children around the world have won their battle with life-threatening hunger. To be building on that success and have the opportunity to partner with the pub industry is an exciting new chapter for our organisation.

“We are really excited about next year’s quiz and hopefully have a few surprises up our sleeve to ensure that it is the biggest and best quiz yet! Here’s hoping that lots of pubs will take this opportunity to support our mission of a world where no child dies of hunger.”

Free quiz packs will be sent in early 2020 to all pubs registering at

The World’s Biggest Pub Quiz is scheduled for 8-12 March 2020, but the organisers stress that this window is a guideline, not a requirement. Pubs who want to take part but can’t run the quiz during that week are welcome to run it at any other time.

Action Against Hunger has produced a short film demonstrating how the quiz will support their work, which can be viewed here

Workplace drinking culture revealed as Drinkaware research explores seasonal pressure

Deecember 2019

New research from alcohol education charity Drinkaware reveals that almost two-thirds (61%) of drinkers in the UK over-indulge on alcohol over the festive season more than they usually do, while one in five (18%) say they typically experience more hangovers during this period.

The YouGov poll for Drinkaware also found that drinkers who work are more likely to feel pressured to drink at their work party (33%) than other times of year such as New Year’s Eve (where 29% say they feel more pressure to drink) and Christmas Day (20%). And more than a quarter (29%) feel extra pressure to drink over the festive period with their work colleagues.

Drinkaware CEO Elaine Hindal says: “This new research shows just how much drinking is ingrained within the UK’s work culture during the festive period, with many people feeling more pressure to drink.

“Over-indulging can lead to mistakes, regrets and hangovers – as well as increasing the risk of developing a range of diseases if consumption regularly exceeds the Chief Medical Officers’ low risk drinking guidelines of 14 units of alcohol a week.

““Pubs, bars and clubs will be busy with revellers this season, but licensees shouldn’t forget that they’re also employers. They could be asking themselves whether their celebration culture is centred too heavily around alcohol and if they can offer alternative choices at their team Christmas parties.”

The research found one in six UK drinkers (16%) admit to having done something they regret at a New Year’s Eve party because of alcohol. The same percent admit the same at a work party.
More than one in ten (13%) UK drinkers admit they are avoiding social occasions this festive season because of the pressure to drink alcohol.

Drinkaware also found that on average, men admit to consuming six drinks on Christmas Day. Using a common strength pint of beer or medium glass of wine as a measure, this is the equivalent of 14 units of alcohol. Women admit to having on average four and a half drinks on Christmas Day. However, studies have shown that people in the UK tend to underestimate how much they drink; the amount people say they drink represents only about two-thirds of all alcohol sold.*

Elaine Hindal adds, “Pubs, clubs and bars can play an important part in reducing the alcohol harms that arise when people are pressured into drinking too much over the festive season.
“By putting in place some simple measures, operators can help customers to control their drinking, and make sure that those who are choosing not to drink alcohol – whether because they’re driving or for other reasons – feel welcome in their venue.

“These could include: offering an interesting range of low and no alcohol drinks, selecting house wines at the lower end of the ABV scale, and making them available in 125ml serves, and serving food for the same hours as drinks are served.”

Drinkaware also recommends equipping team members to spot the signs of someone who is drinking more than they should, perhaps because of peer pressure. Drinkaware’s Alcohol Vulnerability Awareness e-learning course helps staff to understand what vulnerability means and gives practical advice on how to support customers. For more information contact

Finally, if you suspect a customer is buying alcohol for someone who is already drunk – or who is drunk themselves – then selling them a drink is against the law. Drinkaware and the British Beer & Pub Association have produced two posters to help communicate this to customers – ‘Can’t Get Served’ and ‘Mate’s in a State’, which can both be downloaded free of charge from the Drinkaware website here


Best of Beer Writing Recognised In Annual Awards

December 2019

London-based beer writer and filmmaker Jonny Garrett has been named Beer Writer of the Year 2019 at the Guild of Beer Writers’ Annual Awards, presented on 3rd December in London.

Beer Writer of the Year is the top accolade in the Guild’s annual competition for writing about beer and pubs, which this year received more than 150 entries across 11 categories. Garrett won Gold Awards in the Broadcast and Online categories, and a Silver award in the Beer and Travel category, on his way to the top honour. This year’s highest-ever prize fund of £13,500 was shared between 12 Gold and Silver award winners.

Garrett is the co-founder and presenter of YouTube’s Craft Beer Channel. He and Brad Evans travel the world, visiting craft beers and bars, brewing collaborations with brewers and cooking or matching food with beer. The programme has 20,000 regular subscribers. Garrett is also a regular contributor to beer magazines and websites including BEER and Good Beer Hunting

Emma Inch, chair of judges for this year’s Awards after taking the Beer Writer of the Year title in 2018, said, “Jonny demonstrates a sure touch across a range of media from print to blog posts and feature films. His work is sometimes just for beer nerds, at other times educational for a non-beer audience, and at all times engaging and insightful. If we had a slot for a beer programme on mainstream TV, Jonny should make it.

“The standard of entries across all categories was extremely high and judges had a tough task choosing the winners and runners up. We were impressed by the levels of knowledge, energy and passion that shone through the works submitted by our finalists, whether they had written a column, published a book or produced a film.

“Tonight’s roll of honour includes a number of new names, with writers who only joined the Guild in the last couple of years making an impact and proving that our robust judging rewards talent, not time served. Everyone who received an award or a commendation should be extremely proud; they really are the cream of British beer writing in 2019 and we wish them all success in their future career communicating about beer and pubs.”

Inch was joined on the judging panel by Laurence Creamer, Social & Digital Lead on industry campaign Long Live The Local; Tim Hayward, food & drink author, restaurant reviewer and regular on Radio 4’s Kitchen Cabinet;: Charlie McVeigh, founder of Draft House; Tony Naylor, food & drink writer contributing to The Guardian and BBC Good Food; Ross O’Hara, head brewer at Greene King; Kate Oppenheim, hospitality sector journalist and communications expert, currently publisher and editor of BII News; Tony Sophoclides, Strategic Affairs Director at UKHospitality

The Brewer of the Year title, sponsored by SIBA, was presented to Sophie de Ronde, founder of Burnt Mill Brewery, who won the highest number of votes in a poll of Guild members.

Presenting the Award, Guild Chair Pete Brown said: “Sophie is a highly technical and accomplished brewer who led the launch – and continued and international success – of Burnt Mill Brewery. She is hugely engaged in the beer industry, and passionate about taking beer to a wider audience, through her involvement in events such as International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day.”

The winners were announced at the Guild’s annual dinner held at One Great George Street in Westminster. Each dish was served with a specially selected beer: Beatnikz Republic’s Weizenart, Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2018, Anspach & Hobday’s The Smoked Brown and Thornbridge Brewery’s Necessary Evil. Beers from the Award’s sponsoring brewers – Asahi, Adnams, Carlsberg, Greene King, Heineken, St Austell Family Group and a number of SIBA’s award-winning member brewers – were enjoyed before and after dinner.


SIBA Award for Brewer of the Year

Sophie de Ronde, Burnt Mill Brewery

Guild Award for Best Citizen Beer Communicator

Winner: Lana Svitankova for

Commended: Oli Haydon for

Guild Award for Best Beer Writer, Corporate Communications

Winner: Ei Group for National Pub Fortnight

Commended: Verdant Brewing

Guild Award for Best Beer Broadcaster

Winner: Jonny Garrett for YouTube and podcasts:

Commended: Natalya Watson for

Long Live the Local Award for Best Writer about Pubs

Winner: Ian Clayton for It’s the Beer Talking

Commended: Katie Mather for writing in Ferment

Asahi Award for Best Beer & Travel Writer

Winner: Claire Bullen for writing on

Silver Award: Jonny Garrett for YouTube films and article in BEER

Carlsberg UK Award for Best Writing about Sustainability in Beer and Pubs

Winner: Will Hawkes for articles in BEER, among others

Silver Award: Matthew Curtis for articles in Ferment

St Austell Family Group Award for Best Young Beer Writer of the Year

Winner: Daniel Woolfson for writing in The Grocer

Silver Award: Eoghan Walsh for articles on

Commended: Lily Waite for articles on and

Heineken Award for Best Beer Communicator, Online

Winner: Jonny Garrett for YouTube and

Silver Award: Claire Bullen for writing on

Fuller, Smith & Turner Award for Best Beer Writer, Trade Media

Winner: Richard Molloy for articles in Inapub

Silver Award: Will Hawkes for articles in Imbibe

Commended: Anthony Gladman for articles including Drinks Retailing News

Adnams Award for Best Beer Writer – Regional Media

Winner: Alastair Gilmour for Cheers magazine

Silver Award: Simon Jenkins for The Yorkshire Beer Bible

Greene King Award for Best Beer Writer – National Media

Winner: Adrian Tierney-Jones for articles in Daily Star, Daily Telegraph and others

Silver Award: Claire Bullen for The Beer Lover’s Table and various articles

Commendation: Eoghan Walsh for articles in Ferment, Pellicle and others

The Michael Jackson Gold Award for Beer Writer of the Year 2019: Jonny Garrett

The Guild is grateful to the following sponsors, whose support makes possible our annual awards and dinner:


Established in 1872, Adnams combines innovation with tradition. Behind the walls of its Victorian-looking building, it has some of the most advanced and energy-efficient brewing equipment in Europe and constantly experiments with new, innovative techniques. Adnams brews a range of quality beers which reflect its heritage but also challenge conventions. The brewer uses locally-grown East Anglian grains of malted barley, rye, wheat and oats wherever possible and deploy a number of different hop varieties from Britain as well as across the world – all of which contribute to their beers’ individual characters. Adnams retains the values of an independent, family run business with a strong commitment to and leadership in sustainable business practice.

Asahi Europe Ltd

Asahi Europe’s beer portfolio includes beers brewed in unique ways and with unique histories, from medieval Belgium and Netherlands to modern day Japan, Italy and Great Britain. Crafted from a long tradition and rich heritage, our world-class brands continuously reinvent themselves as contemporary premium beers that travel the world and please discerning consumers in nearly 80 countries. Supported by state-of-the-art breweries, quality ingredients and a culture that fosters innovation, encourages collaboration and rewards high performance, we aim to bring the best quality of beer to life. Our variety of beers delight millions of people around the world with their top quality and uncompromising integrity.

Carlsberg UK

As part of the Carlsberg Group, Carlsberg UK has long been brewing and selling some of Britain’s favourite beers. Today, they include Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, Carlsberg Export, Poretti, Grimbergen and Tuborg. We also hold the UK brand licences for San Miguel, Mahou, and the Brooklyn Brewery range, putting them at the heart of our growing premium portfolio.

Our founders were driven by an ambition to brew for a better today and tomorrow. Over 170 years later, we continue to pursue the same purpose. We want to contribute to a better society wherever our beers are brewed and sold, and that includes taking a lead on sustainability. It is central to our purpose, and we also believe it’s the right thing to do – bringing clear benefits to our business and to society as a whole.

Fuller, Smith and Turner

Fuller, Smith and Turner P.L.C. is a premium pub and hotel business with just under 200 Tenanted and just over 200 Managed Pubs and Hotels. Fuller’s focuses on providing delicious fresh, home-cooked food, outstanding cask and craft ale, great wine and exceptional service and there are 817 boutique bedrooms across the Managed estate. The Fuller’s pub estate stretches from Brighton to Birmingham and from Bristol to the Greenwich Peninsula, including 173 locations within the M25. Fuller’s also owns Bel & The Dragon, six stunning country inns across the Home Counties, and The Stable, a craft cider and gourmet pizza restaurant business, with 17 restaurants in England and Wales. In April 2019, Fuller’s sold its beer business to Asahi Europe Ltd.

Greene King

Brewing in Bury St Edmunds, the home of Greene King, dates back 1000 years to day of the Doomsday book and in 2019 our two historic breweries, Westgate in Bury St Edmunds and Belhaven in Dunbar will be celebrating a combined brewing heritage of 520 years. With a diverse range in our beer portfolio, from pale ales to craft beers and from bitters to stout one thing is for sure, our passion for brewing top quality, delicious beer is as strong today as all those years ago.

We are proud to sponsor the Guild of Beer Writers Awards, a wonderful celebration of our national passion for great quality British beer, the writers who challenge the brewers and the brewing industry who continue to drive innovation in beer.


With over 2,000 passionate people, some of the nation’s most loved beers and ciders, 2,700 pubs, thousands of acres of orchards and three UK breweries, there’s more to HEINEKEN than the name above the door. Our portfolio of brands includes Heineken®, Lagunitas, Birra Moretti, Maltsmiths, Kronenbourg1664, John Smith’s, Amstel and Red Stripe, backed by a full range of niche and speciality brands. We are also proud to work in partnership with Beavertown Brewery and Brixton Brewery.

As long term supporters of the British Guild of Beer Writers, we truly believe in the power of storytelling – whether that be through the written word, a podcast, or a photograph. And we are proud to be sponsoring once again.

Long Live The Local

This campaign, backed by Britain’s Beer Alliance, celebrates the vital role local pubs play in our community, culture and economy whilst highlighting the jeopardy they face from a range of taxes including beer duty, business rates and VAT. Last year more than 116,000 people signed the petition and almost 50,000 people wrote to their MP asking for a cut in beer duty. The Chancellor heard the voices of pub goers, publicans and politicians and froze beer duty protecting jobs and future investment – but there is more to do.

This year, so far, more than 218,000 people have signed the petition and over 107,000 people have written to their MP. In addition, 25,000 pubs are supporting the campaign. With a Budget now likely in January 2020, there is still time to sign a petition and email your MP to ask for a cut in beer duty at


SIBA represent around 750 independent craft brewers across the UK and are the voice of British independent brewing. With their ‘Assured Independent British Craft Brewer’ seal, SIBA champion quality, flavoursome beers from independent craft brewers, as well as protect the businesses of thousands of breweries across the UK through Government lobbying and campaigning in Parliament.

St Austell Family Group

In 2016, St Austell Brewery joined forces with fellow West Country brewer, Bath Ales, forming the St Austell Family Group.

Independent, family-owned brewer, St Austell Brewery has been brewing beer in Cornwall since 1851. Most famous for its flagship beer, Tribute Cornish Pale Ale, St Austell Brewery’s range of award-winning beers – also including Proper Job IPA and Korev Lager – are available in pubs and supermarkets nationwide.

Bath Ales opened the doors to its new four-vessel brew house, Hare Brewery, in 2018. Fronted by flagship beer, Gem, Hare Brewery has the capacity to produce over 50,000 brewers’ barrels of beer – doubling Bath Ales’ previous brewing capacity. An exciting schedule of new beers launched alongside the brewery opening, including a West Coast IPA – Lansdown – and premium English lager, Sulis.

The St Austell Family Group employs more than 1,500 people and runs over 175 pubs, inns and hotels across the South West.

The British Guild of Beer Writers was formed in 1988 to help spread the word about beers, brewing and pubs. With more than 300 individual members and 60+ corporate members, its mission is “to improve the standards of beer writing and improve the public knowledge of beer and pubs.” Its members include the cream of the country’s beer communicators – be they journalists, authors, producers, photographers, broadcasters, illustrators or PR consultants. Corporate members of the Guild include brewers, brand owners, distributors, pub companies, and many suppliers associated with the brewing trade.