Bizimply and Moorepay Launch Partnership to help Hospitality ‘Bounce Back Better’

December 2020

Hospitality operators can ensure they and their teams are ready to ‘Bounce Back Better’ in 2021, with the support of a new partnership designed to keep staff focused on delivering great front-of-house service.

Workforce management expert Bizimply and payroll specialist Moorepay have joined forces to offer an integrated solution which frees managers to meet customer expectations, and gives hospitality employers clear oversight of all their employee requirements.

Bizimply and Moorepay’s integrated cloud-based solution enables key managers to save hours of ‘back office’ work each week, through easy attendance monitoring, rota-building and streamlined payroll, while saving money through accurate payroll and real-time labour cost tracking. It leverages the complementary strengths of the two businesses to offer operators complete insight into employee costs and working patterns.

CEO Conor Shaw says: “Hospitality businesses face a challenge like no other, and it’s  important to plan now to make the best of the opportunities that 2021 will bring. The new partnership between Bizimply and Moorepay extends to our customers; we’re working closely with operators to ensure they genuinely understand their staff performance and activity, and use that information to run their business more effectively. .

“As hospitality reopens and recovers, operators will need to adapt to a changing regime of restrictions, while still delivering on customer expectations. The right employees, in the right place, at the right time, will be key to success. The opportunity is to ‘Bounce Back Better’ in 2021, with a strong, customer facing staffing model.”

With Bizimply systems used by more than 33,000 employees across 2,500 hospitality locations in the UK and Ireland, Shaw says: “The operators we work with, especially those who trade across multiple sites, have a much clearer understanding of their business in terms of labour costs and pinch points at each location, and are able to easily demonstrate compliance in key areas such as health & safety, working hours and data management.

“Just as importantly, they typically have higher levels of staff engagement in terms of attracting, motivating and retaining the best people.”

To find out how they can benefit from the support of Bizimply and Moorepay, operators can sign up for a one-to-one ‘Bizimply Business Review’, a free 90 minute assessment of their business’s People Productivity, Compliance, Control and Engagement. Email  or go to for details.